What We Offer

We address a variety of topics for adults 18+ including, but not limited to: emotional safety, relationship skills, communication skills and conflict resolution. We offer a safe, blame free environment that supports personal challenge, growth and change. 
The program is offered FREE of charge, confidential and culturally sensitive.

Our Services

Healthy Relationship Program
12-Week Healthy Relationship Program available online or in-person. Separate groups for Men (Tuesdays) & Women (Thursdays) 6:30pm-9:00pm
An Indigenous Framework
Individual Sessions of Our 12-Week Program with Indigenous Principles available in Cadotte & Peace River
Peace River Correctional Centre Program
12-Week Healthy Relationship Program for Men incarcerated at PRCC
Outreach Life Skills Sessions
Occasional sessions based off our 12-week program tailored for youth enrolled at the Peace Regional Outreach School.
Summer Support Sessions
Individual Sessions of our 12-week program depending on staff availability
Community Workshops & Events
Click here to find upcoming workshops in our community offered by Stepping Up as well as our community partners.

Our Program

Take one or all to gain the skills you need.
1. Hero's Journey
Understand the Hero's Journey and the impact on your life.
2. Understanding Our Emotions
Identify your default emotional setting & stress response. Learn how to regulate your emotions.
3. Building Boundaries
Explore different types of boundaries. Gain tools to create, communicate and maintain your boundaries in a respectful way.
4. Role Triangle
Understand how to take responsibility and accountability for your actions and roles.
5. Exploring & Defining Abuse
Contrast abusive and respectful behaviors and understand the impacts of these behaviors on others. Understand the tactics used to gain power and control.
6. Addictions
Understand the link between addictions and abuse and how substance use increases risk of IPV.
7. Communication
Learn about types of communication and their impacts on relationships. Identify coping skills and learn strategies to manage conflict. 
8. Safety
Gain tools to examine thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behaviors to respond safely to stressful situations and conflict.
9. Examining Our Beliefs
Opportunities to challenge beliefs and attitudes that normalize abuse. Deconstruct how societal, cultural, familial, and personal beliefs could lead to violence.
10. Multigenerational Influences
Understand the multigenerational impact of violence and trauma on the entire family unit. Tools to recognize and interrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma.
11. Healthy Family Connections
Intro into understanding attachment in healthy/unhealthy relationships . Deeper awareness of responsibility as a parent/co-parent and the impacts of parental conflict on the family unit.
12. Accountability & Responsibility
Understand the concept of empathy and the impact it has on your life, relationships, and in acknowledging and repairing harm.
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Years In

Formed by hardworking committee members funded by Alberta Health Services “Safe Communities” grant

Local Communities Served

We have served all the Peace Region including Cadotte, Duncan, Whitefish, Red Earth Creek, Peerless/Trout, High Prairie, High Level & Manning.


Includes self referrals clients, mandated clients from Probations, Children Services & WJS, PRCC and Mental Health

Workshops Offered

Numerous workshops and trauma informed yoga sessions