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Learn The Different Types Of Abuse & How To Recognize Them.

Warning: The images & descriptions below may be triggering for some.
If you are in immediate danger, please call 911

Physical Abuse


Any unwanted attempt to control someone physically.

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Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To: Punching, Hitting, Kicking, Strangling, Restraining, Stabbing, Biting, Squeezing, Shoving, Pushing, Grabbing, Strangling, Using weapons, Throwing things, Attempting to kill, Reckless driving, Pulling hair, Murder.

Emotional Abuse


Controlling how another person feels. Playing on someone’s emotions.

Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:  Criticizing, Name-Calling, Undermining, Dismissing, Invalidating you, Gaslighting, Manipulating, Controlling, Punishing you by giving you the silent treatment,  Blaming you for their downfalls, Condescending, Isolating you from Friends and Family.

Sexual Abuse


Using someone’s sexuality to control him or her. (CONTROLLING, hurting or destroying them).

Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:  Rape, Sexual assault , Forcing sex , Forcing sex in front of others  or with others, Making someone else watch pornography when they don't want to, Unwanted  touching, Videoing / photographing someone doing sexual acts, Withholding sex.

SPiritual Abuse


Destroying someone’s sense of who they are

Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:   Ridicule/insults the other person’s religious /spiritual beliefs, Prevents the other partner from practicing their beliefs, Uses other person's beliefs to manipulate or shame them, Forces the children to be raised in a faith or way that the other partner has not agreed to, Uses religious beliefs to minimize or rationalize abusive behaviors etc.

Financial Abuse

DefinitionUsing financial power to control others.

Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:  Monitoring how you spend your money, Demanding receipts or proof  of purchases. Not allowing you access to your pay check or accounts. Preventing you from viewing or accessing bank accounts. Preventing you from working or limiting  and controlling the amount of hours and where you work.  Not paying bills, or otherwise harming your credit score. Stealing money from you. Refusing to provide money for basic needs or shared expenses (food, clothing, transportation, medicine, appointments etc.)




Shifting responsibility by destroying a person’s thought patterns, making a person think that he/she is the cause of abuse.

Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:   Isolation from friends and family, Verbal aggression, Threats, Intimidation, Control, Harassment or stalking, Insulting you, Humiliating you and Defamation of character. Using your children to threaten or control you,  Changing a persons sense of  self by distorting or confusing their thoughts, Gas-lighting.



Not being available physically, psychologically, or emotionally to a person who needs you and using this to control them.

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Examples Can Be, But Not Limited To:  Threatening to leave (also a form of emotional abuse),  Using the human need for connection against another person, Abused individual will do whatever it takes to prevent being abandoned or left alone by their abuser (becomes conditioned to do whatever abuser wants), Neglect from partner, Emotionally unavailable, Etc.