We Are Stepping UP

To END Domestic & Family Violence

Who We Are

Stepping Up is a non-profit organization officially registered as the "North Peace Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence" (NPSPDV). Stepping Up is funded by Alberta Health Services which enables the organization to offer all programming FREE of charge to our community and surrounding areas. We offer a safe blame-free environment that supports personal challenge, growth and change.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of programs addressing Domestic Violence and building healthy relationships. Our main program is our 12-week healthy relationship program for men and women 18+. We offer both ONLINE and IN-PERSON options. 
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Families and communities are supported in developing healthy relationships.


To create a community free of domestic violence and its impact by inspiring change through education, skill development and awareness.


Respect: We commit to treating people equitably, and to honouring all cultural backgrounds and diverse voices.
Collaboration: We work together to effect change and value the opinions of others when making decisions.
Accountability: We take responsibility for both actions & outcomes, and for upholding our mission while being efficient & effective with our resources.
Growth: We believe in each person’s ability to make positive change and we nurture lifelong learning for personal development through creativity and self exploration.
Wisdom: We strive for deep understanding using insight & evidence-based knowledge, that empowers the ability to make good judgements and decisions.
Integrity: We strive to be honest, truthful, sincere and transparent as the foundation for building positive and productive relationships.
Safety: We commit to providing a blame-free, welcoming space that honours confidentiality to the best of our ability.