Stepping Up

North Peace Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

About Us

Stepping Up is a non-profit organization officially registered as the "North Peace Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence" (NPSPDV). Stepping Up is funded by Alberta Health Services which enable the organization to offer all programming free of charge to our community and surrounding areas.

We offer….

- A safe, BLAME FREE, environment that supports personal challenge, growth and change

-  A confidential environment you can trust

- A 16 week program divided into two parts for your convenience

- Each group is one night per week, two hours per evening  

- Healthier ways to share worries,anger and the joy of being a family.

- Join the group by calling, texting, faxing, mail or e-mail.

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Population and Area Served: 

The Society serves clients throughout the Peace region, including the outlying Aboriginal communities of Cadotte Lake, Little Buffalo, Loon Lake, Whitefish and others, dependent on demand. Participants traveling from greater distances are always welcome and the Society makes every effort to accommodate clients that encounter transportation or child care challenges that would otherwise prevent them from participating. 

Mission Statement

Create a community free of domestic violence and its impact by inspiring change through education, skill development and awareness

Vision Statement

Eliminate domestic violence and inspire change to develop healthy relationships in families and communities

This Journey is About You

This is your process, your journey, to your destination - we are here to help you get there. Because this is your journey you have a number of RIGHTS it is important for you to be aware of.

        • You have a RIGHT to access your information.
        • You have a RIGHT to withdraw your consent, ANY consent you have given at any time (including to deny service) without judgement.
        • It is your RIGHT to let us know when you are unhappy with something we have done and to expect that we will address this with you or help you address it with someone else. (You are welcome to tell us when you are happy too).
        • You have a RIGHT to expect privacy and confidentiality.
        • You have a RIGHT to self-determination; to own your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices including the information you choose to share.
        • You have a RIGHT to ethical, objective and professional treatment.
        • You have a RIGHT to personal safety (including physical, mental and spiritual) and be supported in obtaining it.

All this equals four rights to remember: YES, NO STOP and GOOD-BYE.